Are you addicted to Angry Birds, Farmville, Temple Run, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, Max Payne & other similar games? You too can create your own games!


Game developers create, design, develop and produce video games and manage teams that create the different elements of game production for new-age gadgets like PlayStations, smart phones and tablets.


A gaming artist brings his characters to life, making them play, fight battles, vanquish enemies and do whatever he wishes.


Get the right skills to make a career in online, PC & mobile gaming industry with Arena Animation's Game Art & Design (GAD) program.


Course Highlights

Learn all aspects of game development from visual storytelling to modeling, texturing, lighting, rigging& animation, to audio, user interface & game level design.Get hands-on practice with latest industry software & develop your own game project.Work with popular industry Software/tools such as widely used Adobe Photoshop, Maya, Motionbuilder, Flash, Soundforge & Gamebryo game engine







The first module lays the foundation for learning the basics of design & development of games. Students will learn about the history of games, various game types, game terminologies & technologies, and hardware used in the industry.

ModuleDuration (hours)
Introduction to Games24
Introduction to Photoshop & Flash40
Game Analysis: Centipede4
Drawing & Composition32
Total hours100
Total months2.5
Learning outcomes
  • Develop conceptual knowledge of game designing.
  • Developing a drawing portfolio for life drawing, gesture drawing, environmental drawing, still life study, perspective & composition, etc. along with series of digitally designed images using 2D manipulation software.





Students learn the art of storytelling & visualizing a concept for game designing. Documenting a game idea, writing a game development & game design document, learning to pitch for your project - are all included. Students will create their own game idea, develop it into a story, make the storyboard, design the characters, props, weapons, levels, etc. and prepare the design & development document.

ModuleDuration (hours)
Game Idea: Visualization & Storytelling24
Game Analysis: Tetris4
Essence of Game 116
Game Analysis: Loom4
Essence of Game 216
Game Development Documentation16
Game Design Documents16
Character Designing24
Flash-Based Game Designing24
Total hours144
Total months3.6
Learning outcomes

Students will do the pre-production (using Adobe Photoshop & Flash) for their own game idea and will submit & pitch the game design document prepared by them.





3D game production comprising modeling, texturing, rigging, lighting, animation of characters, props, weapons, levels, etc. based on the design done in the previous module. Students will be taught about FX used in games & sound designing.

ModuleDuration (hours)
Modeling, Texturing & Lighting for Games124
Game Analysis: Myth - The Fallen Lord4
Rigging & Animation For Games64
FX for Games24
Game Analysis: The Sims4
Sound For Games8
Total hours228
Total months5.7
Tools/ software taught:
  • Maya
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Sound forge
  • GameBryo
  • Motion Builder





Students learn to design interface of games, play testing, game optimization, etc. There will also be a session on game development.

ModuleDuration (hours)
Game Analysis: Grand Theft Auto III4
Game Interface Designing24
Play Testing16
Game Optimization12
Introduction to Game Development8
Project Report & Portfolio40
Total hours104
Total months2.6
Tools/ software taught
  • Adobe Flash.
  • Photoshop
  • Maya
  • GameBryo