Academics Arena Multimedia in Academy Courses

Sketching Classes
Good drawing and sketching skills are an animator's assets. Precisely why we arrange Special Sketching Classes by trained artists for all our budding animators.

Clay Modelling Sessions
Clay has been used for modelling from the beginning of civilization. It can be easily shaped, thus enabling designers to create models to visualize a product or a character. After creating a clay face for example, it becomes easier for the animator to make a model of a human face on the computer screen. We offer Special Clay Modeling classes for our 3d animation students by trained Fine Arts professionals.

Arena RATHYARA VARANASI organizes complementary technology workshops for its students wherein experienced Industry professionals share the "tricks of the trade", from time to time.

Animation is hard work… and fun too. Our students relish parties and outings as much as they enjoy the serious work. No wonder outstation trips and regular get-togethers are welcomed by one and all.